Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to drive more traffic to your website?


How to drive more traffic to your website?


Here are five tips to help you drive more traffic to your site using SMO techniques:

1. Increase the number of links to your site. A website's popularity rating continues to be influenced by the number of links it gains from other sites. Network to increase that number—and boost your perceived popularity.

2. Apply bookmarking and tagging. Incorporate buttons for users like "add to delicious" (or other bookmarking sites) to encourage bookmarking. You can also include relevant tags to your site's pages at bookmarking sites across the Web.

3. Create inbound links. Create new links on your site to the blogs or sites that contain back links to your site. The back-and-forth action should increase its visibility.

4. Make your content travel. Include "portable" content at your site such as PDFs, video, and audio files. Send links to them to your list, and offer them to sites related to your niche.

5. Allow others to use your content. Use RSS feeds to syndicate your content, so that others can use it for their benefit—and drive more traffic to your site in the process.

The Po!nt: Add more social to your SEO. As social sites proliferate, your site could gain a boost in popularity by linking up and networking with fans in communities across the Internet. Apply a few SMO techniques to your site SEO and see what happens!


sonam said...

Great tips! Thanks for these useful tips maybe if I can get some decent traffic to my blog