Monday, June 21, 2010

Use Your News to Drive traffic to your website


Making the Most of News via Press Release:

pres releasePeople, specially your customers and friends love reading news about you and your business. So frequently publishing your news and let the world know about happenings in your business makes a buzz for you and this leads to more customers.

Publishing news as Press Release (PR) attract journalists. PR also helps to bring more traffic to your website via search engines as most of the search engines love PR and value it more. PR has a much SEO value than other contents.

In order to maximize the benefits of online news, you need reconsider what is newsworthy. Start Thinking About News in a Different Way

Information about your company should not only come out quarterly along with your financials – there are millions of reasons to continually get the word out, giving your company the pat on the back and attention it deserves, including:

• Product launch
• New hire or staffing change
• Award announcement
• Anniversary
• New client or partnership
• Additional office or territory
• Participation in a charitable/community event
• Receipt of additional funding
• Investor news
• Profitability
• Client success story

images (1) And how can you get this attention? A news release service. Few of the Services are :

PRWeb :
Free-Press Release:
India PRWire:

What should be the format of your Press release ?
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