Friday, June 18, 2010

Social Marketing Goes Multiplatform


Businesses began dipping their toes into the social media pool as early as 2005, but the last two years saw them jump in with both feet. Three developments in the social media landscape drove the rapid expansion of their activities:
Facebook achieve the critical mass needed to establish it as a major customer contact point. To a lesser extent, LinkedIn also crossed this threshold; Twitter burst on the scene and demonstrated enormous value in magnifying the reach of a message for relatively little cost and effort; Marketers warmed to the idea that using multiple social media channels together, and coordinating messages between them, collectively achieved a greater impact than if the tools were used in isolation.
Businesses of all sizes report overall satisfaction with the expansion of their social media initiatives. However, few are willing to back their optimism with rich analytics. Rather, their perception that social media is working for them is based more on the belief that the new platforms are reaching a wider audience in the places their customers are already congregating. Says Adam Brown, Director of the Office of Digital Communications & Social Media at the Coca-Cola Co., “Our philosophy is to fish where the fish are.”

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