Saturday, January 23, 2010

EtherPad- best tool for Real time document collaboration

Real time document collaboration

Real time document collaboration has always been a buzz topic. I found a really excellent tool for Real time document collaboration. Its called EtherPad.

This allows super easy way to collaborate with your friends and workers just by simply sending a document link by email or Instant Messaging (IM).

The the big news is that Google Wave's collaboration features runs on the engine of this EtherPad. Google has recently acquired this company and used this technology in its recent product Google Wave.

EtherPad has released its code and has went open source. So now any one can setup it on their personal internal servers. Check out this:

EtherPad is a must try web app out there on the web.
The bad news is that EtherPad is discontinuing its services from April 1st 2010 as Google has acquired this company and will be providing similar services via Google Wave.