Saturday, June 7, 2008

Spamming...nightmare to everyone

Spamming has been a real nightmare to everyone from the days the webmail has been popular.
Some years back when I was in high-school, I was much disturbed by spamming as I started getting hundreds and hundred of spam mails all of a sudden.

The reason was, I had registered myself at some websites and shared my ID in some discussion groups. Spammers' spiders figured out my Email address and I was bumbarded with the spams that all contained ads and obscene contents.

Inspired by the personal necessity then, developed a software called "Spamocide" for controlling spams on the Internet. The main idea working behind the scene was to create a continually growing "black-list database" of spammers and use that for identifying spams or even stopping directly the spammers to send spams. The product had initial success and i showed the product in some national level software exhibitions but further I did develop it as I was much busy then in my studies.

Those was the initial days when spamming had just been started on the net and my idea and the software worked fine. But Now the scene has been totally changed as day by day new methods and techniques of spamming arouse. All the major web-mail service providers and E-mail client (software) vendors have their "Anti-spam" cell and department which continually fight spam.

Google has been successful in providing web-mail service with better spam-identification and removing features. I conducted a personal test for spamming with all the major web-mail vendors like Gmail, Yahoomail, Sify, Rediff and few others and the best performance for identifying spams was of Gmail. So I trust Gmail for all my personal and professional communications.

I continually do study on spamming and anti-spamming world of technologies.
Domain-key and SPF has been trusted algorithm for identifying the spammers' domain.

Recently I read this article , actually a research paper of one of the Gmail-guy. He describes how the Google identify the spammers' domain. Read it here.

I will be sharing on spamming and anti-spamming in days to come.
Ant-ispammed and safer e-mailing till then...!