Saturday, June 7, 2008

How to be safe from Spaming

Always follow these rules for being safe from Spams:

* Never mention your personal and professional Email address in any of the Discussion forums, news groups, chat rooms, scraps[orkut], or in soical networking sites.
  • Remove /hide your email address- if you have mentioned it in the "Profile" Section of any of the website you use, like- Orkut, Hi5, MySpace, Blogpost, Yahoo profile etc...
* Use a different Email ID other than your personal or professional Email ID to register for newsletters
* For registering at different sites use a constant email address something like and redirect the mails coming to this Id to a predefined folder (Yahoomail) or mark it with a label(Gmail). Create Rules for this available in settings of every e-mail services.

* When disclosing your email address in public use a different email address other than your personal e-mail address.
* If you are a Yahoomail user, use a feature provided by yahoo called "Disposable mail". This allows you to create e-mail aliases. You can use different aliases for different purposes, like for registration purposes create an address like, for public sharing your ID create an address like The add-on is that you can redirect the mails sent to you in a predefined folder and when you start to get spams on that address you can simply delete that email-alias and enjoy to get certain for not getting any spams further on that email address.
  • NEVER NEVER forward emails sent to you to all of you in your address book or a group of people in the address book just for fun. If required, forward the mail to only selected people.
  • When you do So, you send an open invitation to the spammer to spam you as all the addresses mentioned in the TO or CC or BCC fields are sent to the spammer as well.
  • You can Also copy paste the content and compose a new email from the old message for being safe
I will be sharing some more email security tips as time allows...