Saturday, December 4, 2010

Structured Analysis vs Object Oriented Analysis


Structured Analysis and Object Oriented Analysis are different techniques of developing a computer system.

Structured Analysis

In Structured Analysis, the focus is only on process and procedures.
Modeling techniques used in it are DFD(Data Flow Diagram), Flowcharts etc.
This approach is old and is not preferred

Object Oriented Analysis

Whereas in Object Oriented Analysis, the focus is more on capturing the real world objects in the current scenario that are of importance to the system. [2] It stresses more on data structure and less on procedural structure. Without actually identifying objects, what are you going to interact with, and whose state will you change. In this approach, objects are identified, their relationships among each other, possible states that each object can be in, and finally how all objects collaborate with each other to achieve a broader system goal are identified.
Modeling techniques used in it are UML(Unified modeling Language), that can present both structural and behavioural/procedural aspect of the system. UML includes Class Diagram, State Diagram, Use case diagram, Sequence Diagram, etc.
Using this approach keeps your system more maintainable and reusable, and is a common choice nowadays



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