Thursday, June 10, 2010

What is HTML Debugging?


Today, some one asked me “What is HTML debugging?”

So I thought to share the answer to you also..

HTML is a formatting language for displaying text, graphics and multimedia in web pages.

When Client side scripting (script that run within the browser and consumes resources like processor and RAM from the same computer) is included with HTML its Called DHTML.

There are many client side languages like : DHTML Script, Java Script (JS) and Visual  basic (VB Script)

HTML itself can't be debugged. So HTML debugging generally mans to debug HTML with the embedded Java Script or VB script.

Sometimes HTML with the embedded CSS is debugged by a tool called Firebug or similar tools within the browser to find some errors, display problems.. this is also called HTML debugging.

I think this is the answer to your question.
Pls. let me know if any clarification required.

See this article to know more how Firebug is used to debug HTML/ CSS/ JS in Firefox browser.

This article let you know how to debug HTML in Internet explorer browser using developer tools: