Thursday, December 10, 2009

Silverlight is interesting

During last couple of days I have started to work on Silverlight. From last year onwards many times I tried to start on Silverlight but could not due to time constraint. But I am enjoying it now.

Silverlight is interesting. Though Visual Studio has not up till now full support for designing Silverlight apps and you have to go back and forth to Expression Studio and VS but I liked it.

Today almost all of the work that Silverliht can do can also be done using Java Script and Ajax but there are few advantages of Silverlight, like its platform independent, cross-browser full support, consumes less resources on the browser side. That means it loads fast.

I have seen few web application completely built on Silverlight. No other things no AJAX . only html and Silverlight.

For developing Silverlight apps you only need to know WPF, its basic Class libraries and any of the dot net Compatible language - like C# or

In the coming days I will share my learning curve and exploration in Silvetlight.

Enjoy programing !!!